Video Tee


Hey, it’s me. I know the prices for these garments are a little higher than what you’re used to for my merch. I worked with an ethically-minded, environmentally responsible supplier called EVERYBODY.WORLD These pieces are made from 100% recycled US-grown cotton — some are even made from reclaimed manufacturing waste. Repurposing waste product uses less energy and water. Your garment is a bit better for the planet than most ‘new’ stuff, and that’s what you’re paying extra for. Tight. Thanks for understanding!

Screenprinted Front + Back Graphics

  • 100% recycled cotton
  • 100% Made in USA
  • 99.5% Biodegradable (everything but the label!).
  • Made from remnants of US-grown cotton waste collected at the yarn source Responsibly manufactured from fabric to finish in South Los Angeles

White tee shirt with tracklist screenprinted in rainbow circle on front chest and series of photos of Lorde screenprinted on back.