Sunburst Tee White


Hey, it’s me. I know the prices for these garments are a little higher than what you’re used to for my merch. I worked with an ethically-minded, environmentally responsible supplier called EVERYBODY.WORLD These pieces are made from 100% recycled US-grown cotton — some are even made from reclaimed manufacturing waste. Repurposing waste product uses less energy and water. Your garment is a bit better for the planet than most ‘new’ stuff, and that’s what you’re paying extra for. Tight. Thanks for understanding!

Screenprinted Front + Back Graphics

  • 100% recycled cotton
  • 100% Made in USA
  • 99.5% Biodegradable (everything but the label!).
  • Made from remnants of US-grown cotton waste collected at the yarn source Responsibly manufactured from fabric to finish in South Los Angeles

White tee shirt with "Solar Power a sun worship spectacular brought to you by Lorde" screenprinted on the front and "Believe the mythology" and "Reject The Mythology" reflected upside down screenprinted on wearer's bottom left.